Does DoctorOnCall Offer Discounts?

We frequently offer discounts and voucher codes as part of our promotions. You can find these special offers on our website, and at the checkout page. Moreover, during promotional periods, we also send discount vouchers directly to our customers via WhatsApp. Keep an eye out for these exciting deals!

What are the Shipping fees at DoctorOnCall?

The shipping rates at DoctorOnCall are as follows: Malaysia: Standard delivery: RM10Same day delivery: RM15Special Delivery (for cold chain items): RM15Enjoy the free shipping on orders above RM120 Indonesia: Standard delivery: RM65Enjoy free shipping on orders above RM700 Singapore: Standard delivery: RM25Enjoy free shipping on orders above RM350

Polisi Penghantaran & Pemulangan/Pembatalan

Polisi Pembatalan Polisi Pemulangan/Pemulangan Kami memahami bahawa keadaan tertentu mungkin memerlukan anda untuk memulangkan atau menukar produk. Pemulangan dan pertukaran adalah layak di bawah keadaan berikut: 2. Alasan-Alasan Yang Tidak Diterima untuk Pemulangan dan/atau Pertukaran: 3. Proses Pemulangan/Pertukaran: Percubaan Penghantaran Tempatan Gagal Sebab-sebab penghantaran gagal dan tidak terhad kepada yang […]

Same Day Delivery

Same Day Delivery Information: We’re pleased to offer you same-day delivery services for select products within our coverage zone. Here are some important details about our same-day delivery mechanics: Service Coverage: Same-day delivery is available for addresses within the specified postcodes listed below: 52200 Kuala Lumpur 50666 Kuala Lumpur 55914 […]

What is the Shipping & Return/Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation Policy Return/Refund Policy 1. Acceptable Reasons for Return and/or Exchange: We understand that certain circumstances may require you to return or exchange a product. Returns and exchanges are eligible under the following conditions: 2. Unacceptable Reasons for Return and/or Exchange: 3. Return/Exchange Process: a. The Customer shall examine the […]