I heard that there are vaccines that are not acceptable by the Saudi Government, can I choose which vaccine I get? I want to perform my pilgrimage in the future.

It was said previously that the Saudi Arabia government didn’t acknowledge the Sinovac vaccine. This has caused worry among the citizens who were inoculated with this vaccine. However, the Saudi government announced that they have included Sinovac and more vaccines in the list of COVID-19 vaccines accepted for entry into […]

Do we need a booster shot?

COVID-19 booster dose has started to be administered to high-risk populations such as the frontliners, the elderly, and high-risk individuals for example those with multiple comorbidities. There are a few reasons why the COVID-19 booster shot may be recommended for general which are: For individual who does not respond well […]

Can the vaccine result in death?

The risk of death following vaccination is extremely low. Many of the reported deaths were not caused by the vaccine itself, but rather the underlying illness the patient had. The risk of you dying after being infected by the COVID-19 virus is much higher if you are not vaccinated.